They Love Their Sarah

Last night I attended a Debate Watching Party in St. Louis. The arena was filled with about 11,000 Palin admirers and 4 hecklers who sang, prayed, listened and cheered.

In case you won't read all my ramblings, let me put my concluding statement first.
The bottom line is: Sen. Biden looks like a seedy-politican, and Sarah Palin looks like my friend.

Here are my notes as the evening began...
We heard from Missouri politicans and were entertained by some good ragtime piano playing. Former St. Louis Cardinals player, Andy Bettis motivated the crowd, then a local pastor led us in prayer for the candidates and our nation.

As the debate began, a couple of statements made by Biden confused me. I can only wonder, did the Democrats in the other building support these remarks? If so, the fundamental differences between the left and the right could never be more clear than now. Referring to the financial crises, Biden said we needed to scale back and prevent "Wall Street from running wild." (regulation? deregulation? what does this mean?) Also, Sen. Biden said we need to begin to treat "taxpayers as investors." This comment didn't sit well with the crowd. If that's so then why the 850 billion bailout? Does he mean we get to decide how our tax money is being spent, or does he mean we need to turn it all over to the government and let the financial committees put our money in the funds they think are best?

Palin's turn: As I am listening to her speak about traditional American values, I can only wonder: Why don't Democrats love her? She supports the working class, she works to fight corruption, and she is opposed to big corporate spending. At the end of the debate she even said, "Government get out of my way!"

As Biden and Palin began to discuss back and forth, it seemed to me like Biden spent way too much time attacking McCain instead of informing us of what Obama would do to make it better. Where's the change?

Note to self: honestly, why do we get caught up in which candidate's tax plan is better than the other. When that person is elected, the tax plan that actually passes Congress will look nothing like the one they supported during the campaign. The President is the leader of the Executive branch of this government. Congress legislates. Is Congress really going to go for whatever McCain/Palin propose? Probably not. So, stop spending time on the plans guys - I just want to know about your worldview and your foreign policy. Leave the specifics for the House floor to work out.

Ok, back to the debate. Sarah made a few risky remarks. In this age of media scrutiny, she has to watch every word. She mixed up Wall Street with Main Street in one comment, and at one point she called her opponent "Senator O'Biden." This one will come back to haunt her: "I don't believe John McCain has made any promise that he won't be able to to keep." That's not as serious as "Read My Lips" by George Sr., but if the media grabs onto it - it could be bad.

The crowd in St. Louis was very disturbed to hear Biden suggest that a remedy for the bankruptcy courts could be to allow judges to adjust principal. Did the Obama camp really approve that notion, or was this a misstep by Biden? A serious question mark hung over the crowd as Biden was tiptoeing around this topic.

It sounded to me like Biden and Palin agree on the gay marriage issue. So, can we trust the Obama/Biden campaign when they say they support allowing gay couples to do everything married couples can do legally EXCEPT get married? Sounds like a slippery slope to me. Can the line really be drawn there? Not sure and I would like a more specific answer from Palin.

Biden and Palin went back and forth about Iraq. Gov. Palin did a good job defending the surge plan, and questioning Biden's support. However, I would like to have heard her clearly say, "THE REASON MCCAIN OPPOSED SOME OF THE BILLS YOU ARE ACCUSING HIM OF IS BECAUSE OF THE TIMELINE." Biden insists on a timeline for a pullout, Palin understands that it didn't work the first time and you can't put a timeline on progress.

As the debate closed, Biden said, "This is the most important election we have ever voted in since 1932!" Oh really. I agree it's important, but I don't think issues such as WWII, Cuba, abortion, the Cold War and terrorism are any less important than the crises we face today.

In conclusion: Gov. Palin did a good job. Sen. Biden did a good job. I think there were probably a few undecided who made up their mind last night. I was proud of the way she handled issues that she is not expert on, and I was honored to be there to hear her speak and to see her beautiful family.


Cat said...

I don't agree with your concluding statement but other points are interesting - good questions. One thing I do agree on is the notion that voters need to pay attention to the comments and research the "back story" - lots of mean spirited stuff being said about both sides and I want no part of it. I just want to be an informed voter so when I go to the polls, I have very good reason for who I voted for. I like a lot of things about Obama and I like some things about McCain - I don't line up with any one party (so I guess that makes me a maverick too although I don't want to hear that term again)- Palin said it too much last night -enough already!!! They both did a good job and you are right - not thinking any undecided voters left the debate with a decision. Interesting times we have in front of us.

Anonymous said...

I like Sarah Palin. I want her to be my mother! However, I'm not sure that she has enough experience to be VP. I mean, if elected, there is a very distinct possibility that McCain could die before his term is up and I'm not sure that I want someone with so little experience to be running the country. However, that being said, I would vote for her ANY day over the Obama/Biden spectacle.

As it stands now, I'll be writing in Ron Paul for my vote. And when Sarah Palin has more experience I hope she runs for President because I think she's fabulous.

janjanmom said...

Yes, I do like my Sarah.

Thanks for the play-by-play.

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