We survivied Gideon's third year! Four kids down and one to go. Gideon is four today. Four is fun: three, not so much. This morning, Gideon has already entertained us with his mispronunciations: "Mom, can you help me put on these dump trucks" (He meant nunchucks.) "Mom, can I eat a piece of ticklish?" (He meant licorice.) "Mom, my heart is bumping." (He meant his heart was beating fast.) I could eat him up!

Gideon: Thank you for making us smile everyday. Thank you for offering us your "super powers" which include the best hugs and grins in the world. Thank you for transforming Peter into an over-protective softie. Thank you for telling me you love me. I love you too, Super Kid.

*kids' blog names are not real names

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