To Test or Not To Test?

Since we are teaching our children at home, the testing issue doesn't affect me right now. I have been enjoying the freedom from grading scales and testing scores. Our children seem to be learning just as much as they would if they felt the pressure of a test coming. I check their work, correct their errors, and we move on.

The testing issue; however, is a very hot topic among public school educators and home educators. I understand the NEED to test. I do not understand why testing is THE issue upon which funding is based. Even higher education institutions no longer put as much emphasis on testing scores as they once did. So why is it the fuel that's pumping federally-funded schools?

"As debate continues over the proper role of standardized testing in college admission, the roster of schools announcing they will no longer require the exams continues to grow....Gettysburg College yesterday became the latest to make SAT or ACT exams optional, announcing it was doing so after faculty voted 2-to-1 in support of the idea. A day earlier, Mitchell College in New London, Conn., announced a similar move. Gettysburg, a private liberal arts campus with 2,600 students, said research on its own undergraduates over the years shows high school grades are a better predictor of campus success...officials of some schools with test-optional policies said applicants who chose not to submit scores did about as well on campus as those who submitted scores...about 730 campuses make exams optional for all or a substantial share of their students, up from 280 schools about a decade ago...of the 300 most selective institutions in the nation...95 percent required the exams and were not considering a change."

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Over at Spunky's blog she is encouraging parents of public school children to pull their kids out of school the week of testing. If these parents are so opposed to the negative impact of testing, why are they sticking with the program? I agree with Spunky. You can complain all you want, but nothing speaks louder than money to those who are only interested in funding.