Ok, I'm starting to get it....

Mark Foley has got me thinking. A lot of conservative Christians, like myself, feel lost in this world of aggressive liberals. We sign online petitions, and we discuss boycotts, and we protest when the Ten Commandments are removed from our state house. But, all in all - we do not know what to do against this massive liberal movement which has penetrated our schools, our government and our television.

I'm starting to get it though....maybe I'm a little slow. I never did score very high in comprehension. But now I think I have a clue as to where we can start to get the Titanic turned around.


That's it.

We cannot begin to fight for morality when we are talking about two different things. How can we stand up for "family" when "family" doesn't mean the same thing to the people we are arguing with?
How can we stand up for "character training" in schools when the "character traits" we are discussing are not the same.

When I say to a friend that I'm opposed to stem cell research because of how it violates life at the most basic level. My liberal counterpart says she supports stem cell research because it saves life at the most basic level.

We are not on the same page. Republicans and Democrats will fight for the next 1000 years without ever accomplishing anything because they are all just talking for the blah..blah without any knowledge of what they are talking about. How can we move forward or accomplish anything when we cannot even agree on what we are talking about.

When did this start? When did we start to question everything? When did we refuse to listen to anyone? When did we make up our own definitions to suit our own moral code? When did it become ok for there to be no wrong or right?

I'm going to take a stab at this one...because like I said, I'm starting to get it...

When did this start? (it started in the Garden with Adam and Eve) But for those readers unwilling to accept the Bible as truth let's take another stab at it... it started with Roe v. Wade.

The message we are giving our kids and their kids and their kids: there is no accountability. There is no "wrong." You do not have to suffer consequences for anything. There are no wrong choices - if you mess up, there is a way to fix it with no cost to you.

And we wonder why the Mark Foleys in our society think it's ok to do whatever they want with whomever they want.

Whether we like it or not - there is a right or wrong and there's only one standard to measure it by. Click here to learn more about that measuring stick. As soon as we start compromising that - we are back to the beginning. A lot of blah...blah without accomplishing anything because no one can agree on the basics.

Where does that leave us - at square one. That's where we'll stay.

God help us.


Child Prodigy

My husband and I saw a segment on TBN tonight about a child prodigy (art & poetry.) Go to this website to learn more about Akiane Kramarik.

What a gift it was for me to see the majesty of our supernatural God working through an innocent, humble, open vessel. Isaiah 11:6 "....and a little child will lead them."

Let's Go To The Movies!

There have been several family-friendly films which have made it to local theaters recently. Many of these films have been produced by Christians and have strong Christian themes. I would encourage you to check out these movies and buy a ticket when the film comes to a theater near you.

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