The Education Decision

This time of the year EVERYONE is tired of school and ready to be done. Whether you are in public school, private school, college or homeschool - you're done. Stick a fork in me - I'm done too. Yesterday was our official last day of school; although we'll continue to learn and do projects over the summer - it's good to be finished with the regular school day.

This time of the year renews the discussion in our house, and among thousands of families across America, "What are we going to do next year?" We are not die-hard homeschoolers. We take each year one at a time and evaluate what each child needs and go from there. Right now, homeschooling has been the best option for everyone involved. The more I read and the more I observe my children, the more drawn I am to homeschooling.

I have a soft spot in my heart toward education. My father was an educator, my mother is still an educator, my sister was a teacher briefly and now I'm educating our children at home. I loved the schoolness of school. It's in my blood. But in our country's short history of government-run schools with compulsory attendance laws, a lot has changed. The school system went from being run by local parents whose main priority was raising their children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, to being run by distant boards and committess who tell us, "When you enroll your children in public school you give up your rights as parents."

Below are some links and stats which I've been reading recently. Enquiring minds want to know why we do this homeschool thing. Just read and decide for yourself.

UPDATE: Check out these 2007 resolutions from the NEA.

Tennessee school drills unsuspecting children on terrorism

Teacher shows Brokeback Mountain to 12 year-olds

NEA believes public schools are the cornerstone of our Republic

Dumbing Down Our Kids - With better facilities, higher salaries, and more resources American schools still lag far behind other industrialized nations

Reporter suggests low-performing homeschool kids should re-enroll in public schools...what does he think low-performing public school kids should do?

Separation of School & State - Isn't it homeschool that the writer is suggesting?

82% Adult Americans Want Comprehensive Sex Ed Taught in Public Schools

Homosexual Agenda Escalates in Public Schools

Then, there is this video clip which encourages me and I know will encourage you as well about the amazing gift we have been given in our children.... click on the purple rectangle to watch Animal School.



That is a wonderful word. It makes me smile. NOW, it makes me smile. It used to cause a confused look to come over my face. But, after 4 children (my uterus is currently occupied with another blessing) I have learned a thing or two. "Mother" is my highest calling. With Mother's Day coming up, I have been thinking about this great job I have and reflecting on the wonderful heritage I was given. I love this quote by Barbara at Mommy Life...

It's all about choice. Motherhood isn't about whether I feel up to the job or
what kind of mood I'm in each day. As Doctor Dobson says, love isn't a feeling
but a decision. So too, much of who we become as mothers is based on our own

Happy Mother's Day to you. I pray that you and I will choose to be what our children need us to be, and what our heavenly Father created us to be (no matter what this world tells us we should be.) "I have no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth." 3 John 4