Mr. Mom

He's come a long way baby. After 2 days of work and a full weekend of activities, I looked at hubs and said, "I'm really proud of you." The shock on his face stung a little. Guess I need to be more forthcoming with those words of affirmation. Anyway...back in the day when we were young and peppy and had only 2 or 3 kids hubs would often say, "Hey, let's go swimming!" or "Wanna load the bikes and go to the trail?" or "Let's take the kids fishing." So, I (me, not him) would load up all the stuff and we'd go. Then, that adventure would turn into a stop at a restaurant, plus a stop at Home Depot for a thing or 2, plus drop by the park to let the kids play plus...oh, you get the idea. After a few of these stunts, I had learned to be prepared and I probably had enough diapers and changes of clothes to keep the kids in tact; but still.

Two more kids and a few more wrinkles, and he's a new man. (Well, not entirely. I still believe he's ADHD and I count him as one of my kids, but....) THIS WEEK he was on his own for 3 nights in a row while I was working. He had grand plans to add to the already busy schedule the kids had. I had given him strict instructions to pick Ruth up from here, drop Peter off there; but I knew he had a sneaky plan to squeeze a few of his destinations in as well. But, (drumroll, please!) he didn't follow through! Now that's MY LOVE LANGUAGE! Show me a man who can say no, prioritize AND empty the dishwasher and I'll show you a happy wife.

He has come a long way.


Working Mom

Home from our first day of business. Our store opened today and no catastrophes. Baby steps, people. I am so pleased with the nice lady we hired to work for us full-time. I pray she stays with us for the duration so I can still be Mommy during the day. I went to a real job tonight for the first time since 1998. So, today went like this:

get up
iron clothes for hubs and me
wake up four kids before bday boy wakes up
wake up bday boy
celebrate Gideon's bday (cookie cake for breakfast, yum!)
sent hubs off to work, hugs/kisses/pray - cya!
set up desks for homeschool
warn kids homeschool starts in 5 minutes
check email
start kids on homeschool (15 minutes late)
change diapers
put cute, new outfit on Rachel
play with Gideon and his bday toys
change out laundry (laundry day is lasting all week!)
check on kids in homeschool
run toward the screams, Rachel is covered in milk (she grabbed a cup off the table)
paper towels, wet wipes, clothes off, milk out of arms reach, another new outfit (not so cute)
try not to cry over spilled milk
get Gideon started on puzzles/coloring
put Rachel down for nap
help kids with homeschool
make phone calls
answer phone calls
check email
carry laundry around the house, act like I know where I'm going
check on kids in homeschool
get Rachel up from nap
hubs called - wants to meet us for lunch so I can check on store opening
scurry: diaper changed, diaper bag loaded, socks on, OTD!
make phone calls on the way to lunch
hubs and I do the switch-a-roo
drive to store, check on inventory and new employee
hubs and I switch-a-roo again
stop at gas station (9 cents off per galloon - woo hoo!)
stop at Home Depot - have to buy a fire extinguisher for store, who knew?
drive home, sing songs in car and smile while you are at it!
put Rachel down for nap
help Gideon find all his bday toys
help homeschoolers finish their work
answer phone calls
check email
find a replacement babysitter for this afternoon - original broke her finger! (my kids were no where around ; )
think about supper
load van w/ stuff for my first night of work
get Rachel up from nap
load up van and pick up sitter
make phone calls, play peek-a-boo w/ Rachel
smile while Gideon lets Rachel play "This Little Piggy" w/ his feet!
give new sitter instructions on taming the masses
listen to MY MUSIC on the radio on the way ; )
stop off and buy a bday gift for Ruth's friend's party tomorrow
arrive at work!
thank new employee and send her on her way
put on my apron and get to WORK!
smile, sell, rearrange, eat a banana, restock, read, smile, rearrange, sell
store closes: rearrange, restock, scan inventory, close register, move boxes, sweat
make night deposit
drive home, listen to MY MUSIC
stop in the middle of the highway and close the trunk
dust the rust off my brain
walk in the door, do a few dishes
check email
write blog
hubs says, time for bed!
nighty night
uh-who's been sleeping in my bed?
move Gideon and Rachel to their own bed
nighty - night

*children's names changed to protect the innocent



We survivied Gideon's third year! Four kids down and one to go. Gideon is four today. Four is fun: three, not so much. This morning, Gideon has already entertained us with his mispronunciations: "Mom, can you help me put on these dump trucks" (He meant nunchucks.) "Mom, can I eat a piece of ticklish?" (He meant licorice.) "Mom, my heart is bumping." (He meant his heart was beating fast.) I could eat him up!

Gideon: Thank you for making us smile everyday. Thank you for offering us your "super powers" which include the best hugs and grins in the world. Thank you for transforming Peter into an over-protective softie. Thank you for telling me you love me. I love you too, Super Kid.

*kids' blog names are not real names


Oh My Stars

Ok, so I'm old. We have had a crazy week (yes, it's still Monday) and it's not going to slow down. Bob got about 1 hour of sleep in the last 24 hours and he's still up, working. I can't sleep without him in the house, so I'm no good right now either. So, why am I not in bed NOW? Um, cuz he's not in the house! Can't do it. Ugh. I. need. sleep. now. After this crazy week, we'll be all set up for our new business that I was so excited about last week. Now, I'm not so sure it's worth it. In the last 11 years of my mommy-hood I have become so lazy. Sure, I get all the stuff done for the kids that I need to - but to actually GET UP OFF MY BUTT and work. Wow. I do not know how you working moms do it. People ask me all the time, "How do you do it?" Me! How about YOU?! I know it'll be a nice break to work outside the home, but Oh My Stars my body is not used to this. I'm going to try to convince myself that Bob is somewhere close so I can fall asleep. Maybe my old friend, Nyquil can help ; )


Are We Really Opposed to Socialism

One reason I support conservative politics, is because I oppose socialist politics. As you know, I often read Spunky and once again, she has me thinking. I know in posting the following quote from her that I will ruffle the feathers of some of my readers. I would love to read comments from those readers, especially. Here it is:

But I really do wonder how mad or fearful either one really is. Don't get me wrong, I see socialism as just as just as incidious as they do, but I question whether most in this nation are really afraid of government controlling their personal lives.

After all, most Americans still educate their children in govenrment controlled schools, transported in government controlled buses, and are fed government controlled lunches at noon. Isn't this just socialism in the worst form?

If you typically vote Republican and oppose socialist values (Marxism) how do you reconcile the issue of supporting government-run schools?


She's A Keeper

My baby is one. Every day I look at her and feel like it was only yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. Isn't that how all parents feel though? This parenting journey has been so rewarding; but WOW is it fast! I am seeing my children through different eyes lately because I am going back to work next week.
Miss Rachel has been such a ray of sunshine in our house, and I am going to miss all the little moments of sunshine that happen while I am away.

Don't get me wrong - I am excited about earning an income and getting back into the work thing; but my heart lies with my children, and no matter how many years pass since the day I bring them home from the hospital - it always will.


Seriously, I'm really here.

I'm still here. I am just enjoying Facebook and reading friends' blogs more than posting right now. But, I have some semi-real-cyber friends who have been going through tough times, and they are in my prayers. I have updated my Blog List to reflect the "friends" I read on a daily basis. Check them out.


They Love Their Sarah

Last night I attended a Debate Watching Party in St. Louis. The arena was filled with about 11,000 Palin admirers and 4 hecklers who sang, prayed, listened and cheered.

In case you won't read all my ramblings, let me put my concluding statement first.
The bottom line is: Sen. Biden looks like a seedy-politican, and Sarah Palin looks like my friend.

Here are my notes as the evening began...
We heard from Missouri politicans and were entertained by some good ragtime piano playing. Former St. Louis Cardinals player, Andy Bettis motivated the crowd, then a local pastor led us in prayer for the candidates and our nation.

As the debate began, a couple of statements made by Biden confused me. I can only wonder, did the Democrats in the other building support these remarks? If so, the fundamental differences between the left and the right could never be more clear than now. Referring to the financial crises, Biden said we needed to scale back and prevent "Wall Street from running wild." (regulation? deregulation? what does this mean?) Also, Sen. Biden said we need to begin to treat "taxpayers as investors." This comment didn't sit well with the crowd. If that's so then why the 850 billion bailout? Does he mean we get to decide how our tax money is being spent, or does he mean we need to turn it all over to the government and let the financial committees put our money in the funds they think are best?

Palin's turn: As I am listening to her speak about traditional American values, I can only wonder: Why don't Democrats love her? She supports the working class, she works to fight corruption, and she is opposed to big corporate spending. At the end of the debate she even said, "Government get out of my way!"

As Biden and Palin began to discuss back and forth, it seemed to me like Biden spent way too much time attacking McCain instead of informing us of what Obama would do to make it better. Where's the change?

Note to self: honestly, why do we get caught up in which candidate's tax plan is better than the other. When that person is elected, the tax plan that actually passes Congress will look nothing like the one they supported during the campaign. The President is the leader of the Executive branch of this government. Congress legislates. Is Congress really going to go for whatever McCain/Palin propose? Probably not. So, stop spending time on the plans guys - I just want to know about your worldview and your foreign policy. Leave the specifics for the House floor to work out.

Ok, back to the debate. Sarah made a few risky remarks. In this age of media scrutiny, she has to watch every word. She mixed up Wall Street with Main Street in one comment, and at one point she called her opponent "Senator O'Biden." This one will come back to haunt her: "I don't believe John McCain has made any promise that he won't be able to to keep." That's not as serious as "Read My Lips" by George Sr., but if the media grabs onto it - it could be bad.

The crowd in St. Louis was very disturbed to hear Biden suggest that a remedy for the bankruptcy courts could be to allow judges to adjust principal. Did the Obama camp really approve that notion, or was this a misstep by Biden? A serious question mark hung over the crowd as Biden was tiptoeing around this topic.

It sounded to me like Biden and Palin agree on the gay marriage issue. So, can we trust the Obama/Biden campaign when they say they support allowing gay couples to do everything married couples can do legally EXCEPT get married? Sounds like a slippery slope to me. Can the line really be drawn there? Not sure and I would like a more specific answer from Palin.

Biden and Palin went back and forth about Iraq. Gov. Palin did a good job defending the surge plan, and questioning Biden's support. However, I would like to have heard her clearly say, "THE REASON MCCAIN OPPOSED SOME OF THE BILLS YOU ARE ACCUSING HIM OF IS BECAUSE OF THE TIMELINE." Biden insists on a timeline for a pullout, Palin understands that it didn't work the first time and you can't put a timeline on progress.

As the debate closed, Biden said, "This is the most important election we have ever voted in since 1932!" Oh really. I agree it's important, but I don't think issues such as WWII, Cuba, abortion, the Cold War and terrorism are any less important than the crises we face today.

In conclusion: Gov. Palin did a good job. Sen. Biden did a good job. I think there were probably a few undecided who made up their mind last night. I was proud of the way she handled issues that she is not expert on, and I was honored to be there to hear her speak and to see her beautiful family.