Mr. Mom

He's come a long way baby. After 2 days of work and a full weekend of activities, I looked at hubs and said, "I'm really proud of you." The shock on his face stung a little. Guess I need to be more forthcoming with those words of affirmation. Anyway...back in the day when we were young and peppy and had only 2 or 3 kids hubs would often say, "Hey, let's go swimming!" or "Wanna load the bikes and go to the trail?" or "Let's take the kids fishing." So, I (me, not him) would load up all the stuff and we'd go. Then, that adventure would turn into a stop at a restaurant, plus a stop at Home Depot for a thing or 2, plus drop by the park to let the kids play plus...oh, you get the idea. After a few of these stunts, I had learned to be prepared and I probably had enough diapers and changes of clothes to keep the kids in tact; but still.

Two more kids and a few more wrinkles, and he's a new man. (Well, not entirely. I still believe he's ADHD and I count him as one of my kids, but....) THIS WEEK he was on his own for 3 nights in a row while I was working. He had grand plans to add to the already busy schedule the kids had. I had given him strict instructions to pick Ruth up from here, drop Peter off there; but I knew he had a sneaky plan to squeeze a few of his destinations in as well. But, (drumroll, please!) he didn't follow through! Now that's MY LOVE LANGUAGE! Show me a man who can say no, prioritize AND empty the dishwasher and I'll show you a happy wife.

He has come a long way.


Katherine@Raising Five said...

Wow, I don't know how you are doing it - our business is home-based, so we don't have to deal with actually going anywhere. Plus, my youngest is four. It totally makes a difference! You are one brave (or crazy?) woman! Good thing you've got a good man there!

We can pray for each other, okay?


Jenny said...

Hi Kristin! So glad I found you on here. I am going to LOVE reading your blog. Your family is beautiful and growing. That is wonderful!