I hate what sin does. It steals, lies, covers up, deceives, and hurts. I love what Jesus does. He heals, restores, promises and delivers. But I spend more time trying to categorize the sin, that I forget to praise the Forgiver.

I recently found out (again) about a close friend who is choosing to leave his wife and family. This nonsense can only be explained as sin, and as such I will never understand it.

Once, when I was acting like judge and jury my mother answered my judgmental, legalistic pride with this question: "Why are you surprised when sinners sin?"

I don't know! But, I am!

I expect more from myself, and I expect it from you too. Am I wrong?


Jenny said...

No, I don't think you are wrong. We just need to understand that people disappoint, but God is the only one who is perfect.. who can't and won't fall.

When I have seen others in my life fall into sin like you speak of it reminds me to check my own life and ask the Lord if there are any places of compromise in my life that need adjusted. All we can do is pray and stay close to the Father... it is His grace that keeps us. Love ya girl!

Cat said...

We just had this discussion in Sunday school class this week - God knows our heart and thankfully we don't have to make those judgements regarding other's sins but I do believe that God expects a lot from us and we must wake up every morning ready to live like Jesus (honoring eachother, loving God and loving our neighbor) - we WILL sin because we are flawed but God knows our heart and knows that each day we want to be closer to Him.