Today John and I had a few moments in the car together alone. Perfect chance for mature, relationship-building conversations. So, I asked, "John, what do you want to be when you grow up?"

He said, "A police officer!" (I was a little shocked, because normally he says he wants to be a daddy.)

I said, "That is a great job! Why do you want to be a police officer?"

He said, "So when my kids disobey I can say, 'Watch out or I'll TAZE YA!'"

Clearly we need to revise our take on discipline in this house.



I hate what sin does. It steals, lies, covers up, deceives, and hurts. I love what Jesus does. He heals, restores, promises and delivers. But I spend more time trying to categorize the sin, that I forget to praise the Forgiver.

I recently found out (again) about a close friend who is choosing to leave his wife and family. This nonsense can only be explained as sin, and as such I will never understand it.

Once, when I was acting like judge and jury my mother answered my judgmental, legalistic pride with this question: "Why are you surprised when sinners sin?"

I don't know! But, I am!

I expect more from myself, and I expect it from you too. Am I wrong?