Oh My Stars

Ok, so I'm old. We have had a crazy week (yes, it's still Monday) and it's not going to slow down. Bob got about 1 hour of sleep in the last 24 hours and he's still up, working. I can't sleep without him in the house, so I'm no good right now either. So, why am I not in bed NOW? Um, cuz he's not in the house! Can't do it. Ugh. I. need. sleep. now. After this crazy week, we'll be all set up for our new business that I was so excited about last week. Now, I'm not so sure it's worth it. In the last 11 years of my mommy-hood I have become so lazy. Sure, I get all the stuff done for the kids that I need to - but to actually GET UP OFF MY BUTT and work. Wow. I do not know how you working moms do it. People ask me all the time, "How do you do it?" Me! How about YOU?! I know it'll be a nice break to work outside the home, but Oh My Stars my body is not used to this. I'm going to try to convince myself that Bob is somewhere close so I can fall asleep. Maybe my old friend, Nyquil can help ; )

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Cat said...

Welcome to my world - I have found that the best formula to a successful family when two parents work is organization and communication = happy kids, happy parents (and LOTS of prayer). The more organized we are (food, schedules, laundry), the better off we function as a team. Scott rocks as a hub - he does laundry faster and better than I - he gives a rockin' bath (scrubs those kids like they are the dirtiest things in the world - in and out in minutes). We tag team as best we can and at the end of the day -we both are equally tired but happy that we shared the responsibility of parenting and "bringing home the bacon" - you are an organized person K - you will be great at it.