Are We Really Opposed to Socialism

One reason I support conservative politics, is because I oppose socialist politics. As you know, I often read Spunky and once again, she has me thinking. I know in posting the following quote from her that I will ruffle the feathers of some of my readers. I would love to read comments from those readers, especially. Here it is:

But I really do wonder how mad or fearful either one really is. Don't get me wrong, I see socialism as just as just as incidious as they do, but I question whether most in this nation are really afraid of government controlling their personal lives.

After all, most Americans still educate their children in govenrment controlled schools, transported in government controlled buses, and are fed government controlled lunches at noon. Isn't this just socialism in the worst form?

If you typically vote Republican and oppose socialist values (Marxism) how do you reconcile the issue of supporting government-run schools?

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Anonymous said...

Great though provoking question!!!I really had to ponder that one. No way to reconcile other than-
1-We have no choice but to support it with our taxes, so we might as well use it.
2-However, it is just more proof that socialist ideas are better in theory than in practice. The bigger any government organization is, the worse it performs-school is no exception.

But "Spunky" is right--it is really only a small step for us to accept socialist practices. Truth be told, we already support the theory, as we all want everyone taken care of somehow.