Working Mom

Home from our first day of business. Our store opened today and no catastrophes. Baby steps, people. I am so pleased with the nice lady we hired to work for us full-time. I pray she stays with us for the duration so I can still be Mommy during the day. I went to a real job tonight for the first time since 1998. So, today went like this:

get up
iron clothes for hubs and me
wake up four kids before bday boy wakes up
wake up bday boy
celebrate Gideon's bday (cookie cake for breakfast, yum!)
sent hubs off to work, hugs/kisses/pray - cya!
set up desks for homeschool
warn kids homeschool starts in 5 minutes
check email
start kids on homeschool (15 minutes late)
change diapers
put cute, new outfit on Rachel
play with Gideon and his bday toys
change out laundry (laundry day is lasting all week!)
check on kids in homeschool
run toward the screams, Rachel is covered in milk (she grabbed a cup off the table)
paper towels, wet wipes, clothes off, milk out of arms reach, another new outfit (not so cute)
try not to cry over spilled milk
get Gideon started on puzzles/coloring
put Rachel down for nap
help kids with homeschool
make phone calls
answer phone calls
check email
carry laundry around the house, act like I know where I'm going
check on kids in homeschool
get Rachel up from nap
hubs called - wants to meet us for lunch so I can check on store opening
scurry: diaper changed, diaper bag loaded, socks on, OTD!
make phone calls on the way to lunch
hubs and I do the switch-a-roo
drive to store, check on inventory and new employee
hubs and I switch-a-roo again
stop at gas station (9 cents off per galloon - woo hoo!)
stop at Home Depot - have to buy a fire extinguisher for store, who knew?
drive home, sing songs in car and smile while you are at it!
put Rachel down for nap
help Gideon find all his bday toys
help homeschoolers finish their work
answer phone calls
check email
find a replacement babysitter for this afternoon - original broke her finger! (my kids were no where around ; )
think about supper
load van w/ stuff for my first night of work
get Rachel up from nap
load up van and pick up sitter
make phone calls, play peek-a-boo w/ Rachel
smile while Gideon lets Rachel play "This Little Piggy" w/ his feet!
give new sitter instructions on taming the masses
listen to MY MUSIC on the radio on the way ; )
stop off and buy a bday gift for Ruth's friend's party tomorrow
arrive at work!
thank new employee and send her on her way
put on my apron and get to WORK!
smile, sell, rearrange, eat a banana, restock, read, smile, rearrange, sell
store closes: rearrange, restock, scan inventory, close register, move boxes, sweat
make night deposit
drive home, listen to MY MUSIC
stop in the middle of the highway and close the trunk
dust the rust off my brain
walk in the door, do a few dishes
check email
write blog
hubs says, time for bed!
nighty night
uh-who's been sleeping in my bed?
move Gideon and Rachel to their own bed
nighty - night

*children's names changed to protect the innocent

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