Debate Party

I know I said this wasn't going to become a political blog, but hey I HAVE NEWS TO SHARE!

I will be attending a DEBATE WATCHING PARTY this Thursday evening here in St. Louis. The much-anticipated Biden/Palin debate will be held on the Washington University campus. A few friends, and I will be in an arena near the debate to await Gov. Palin's arrival and remarks following the debate. I hope to live blog about it (assuming I can get this laptop to go along with my plan.)

What would you ask Gov. Palin if you were sitting across from her?

UPDATE: I just returned from the event, and those of us who attended were not disappointed. It was a good debate, and we were able to hear Gov. Palin speak. She arrived at the arena about 45 minutes following the debate, and the crowd was electrified. I will post more thoughts after I sleep for a few hours.


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Cat said...

sounds like an interesting experience - tell us about it when you get a chance. I thought both candidates did a great job.