Birth Control Is One Of Them

Things I am passionate about:
my family
friendships that go below the surface
conservative politics
living on earth in a way to store up treasures in heaven
not accepting the status quo

My "not accepting the status quo" attitude has had both positive and negative affects on my life. For example, when I was young I refused to watch movies such as The Sound of Music, Bambi and Gone With The Wind simply because everyone else had seen it and everyone I knew told me I had to see it. I thought, "I'll show you! I can go through my whole life without watching it and function just fine thank you." Well, then I grew up and realized that the reason everyone watched those movies is because they are GREAT and it is a necessary part of the American culture in which I live. (I've always been a stubborn, red-head.)

So now, the "not accepting the status quo" attitude I possess takes a more introspective, spiritual tone in my life. Birth control falls in that category. Within the last 15 years, my thoughts on birth control have shifted dramatically (and that is an understatement.) Those thoughts might still be shifting, but that's part of my passion: to continue to think and change in a way that pleases the Lord.

My former pastor has turned me on to a new (to me) Christian magazine that is different; and therefore, worth my time in reading. Today I read this, and here in an excerpt. I love reading people who express my views in a more intelligent format than I am able.
Beneath all the risks and statistics, the real questions we each must face are these: Will we treat reproductive technology as something to be used in accord with moral principles or as a way around them, in a fruitless attempt to undo the consequences of our actions? Will we hold it subordinate to virtue or as a substitute for it? And most fundamentally, will we choose to treat our fertility as a disease or a gift—our sweet and screaming children as a threat or a blessing? •

What seems like a simple, normal, everyday decision that has no consequences: taking the pill - can have drastic repercussions. It is my desire that women will go beyond the status quo and read, think and talk about options with their spouse, doctor and oh, I don't know maybe the LORD before diving into the birth control pool.

Check out Salvo for more.


Corrie said...


I love the list of things you are passionate about! Very inspiring.

On the subject of birth control.....I can relate. My views have shifted as I have walked through life and realized that there are no absolute answers. Your advice to check into this and ask ourselves some pertinent questions about our motives is very good.

Great post!

Anonymous said...

My views have shifted thru the years also, but in the opposite direction.
I had 5 children in 6 1/2 years. My youngest is 9 years old now. I am not against bc like I used to be. I believe that using bc is a private decision between a husband and wife. It is "extra biblical" in that it is not addressed in the Bible, therefore we are free to decide what to do.
I have a friend who is pregnant with her....9th or 10th, I've lost count. I am close to calling her an "unfit mother" because she CANNOT handle having so many children. Several are undisciplined, her house is always a wreck, she is late wherever she goes, her daily life is a complete mess, and I am not exaggerating. In my opinion, she has no business having more children. She is literally doing a horrible job and I don't understand why her husband doesn't give their no bc stance a closer look.
On the other hand, I know a missionary in Mexico who is on her 12th pregnancy. She is a fabulous mother, her children are well trained, her house is organized, she lives on a daily schedule, her children are clean and happy, etc.
The bottom line for me now is-some women can handle having a large family and others can't. The ones who can't should not continue having babies.
One more thing-while I believe that God is sovereign, I believe He set His plan in motion at the beginning of time and women conceive in natural ways-if there is an egg where there is sperm a pregnancy will result. I do not believe that God necessarily ordains each and every pregnancy-i.e., I have a real problem with the notion that God ordains a 13 year old to conceive a child. I've been a believer for over 25 years and I know the scriptures. I am very familiar with Psalm 139. God is intimately acquainted with us and was there during conception, but in my mind that doesn't translate into His ordaining each and every pregnancy but when they happen, He is there and has a plan for each life. That's the way I see it. If a couple uses bc that does not result in a termination of a pregnancy, they are not in sin. People who say they are are adding legalism and extra biblical beliefs to that couple.

Anonymous said...

The only question I would have for Sarah Palin would be-
in regards to Titus 2, where God clearly outlines a woman's role as being in the home, (keeper at home) how does she justify being a vp candidate?
I would also have one for her husband-how does it feel to have no job other than standing behind his wife as she addresses crowds of adoring fans? Does he feel like the head of the house in his new role?
Curious minds want to know....

janjanmom said...

God bless TUBAL LIGATION-at least in my house. I am happy for you to grow your family as large as you like but I don't think that family size influences our walk with God one teeny tiny bit.

I say that God doesn't have opinions on our surgeries. I can honestly say that I would never get a breast augmentation, but I know others who have done so and I don't consider them "less Godly". They just have different lives, opinions and priorities than I do, yet still manage to be very Godly women.

I do love your list(and your blog!) though Kristen. You are a very neat lady and I am glad to get to know you all over again.

Kristin said...

Janice: Funny how the most commented posts on my blog are about birth control. Anyway...just for the record, we are finished birthing babies (at least w/ my uterus, adoption is always an option.) So, I am not trying to establish myself as one of the quiver-full ranks. I do, however, want to encourage Christian women to at least consider the thought that maybe the Lord does want them to have more children than THEY planned, and maybe using the pill isn't as care-free as they've been taught.