A Shot In The Arm

I am so excited my fingers are flying off the keyboard! This political season has really had me in a funk. After all the exciting possibilities from both the Democratic and Republican primaries, I was a little disappointed that John McCain was up against Barak Obama. It seemed like an uphill battle. Then add in the historic, cultural significance of a black American running for the Presidency... Obama's presidential race is good for this country. But, still - I am conservative and I was starting to think my vote would be a shot in the dark.

Until today.

I am so excited about John McCain's Veep choice I could bust. This was one of his most brilliant moves to date and I just want to hug the advisors who steered him in this direction, and I want to hug Palin's husband for giving his family over to the country for (possibly) the next four years.

After Hilary's exit from the Presidential race, McCain's best bet to catapult his campaign was to choose a woman VP. THIS choice is even better! I have followed Governor Palin's career for the last few years, and at times wish I lived in Alaska just to volunteer for her. What a great example. I think this country just might be ready for not only a black president, but a female one as well. This is history folks.

Congratulations Mr. McCain, and I pray that your VP keeps her values as steady as they are now before the Washington engine runs her over.

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Jill said...

I am SO excited about Mrs. Palin I could also bust!!! I am less familiar with her political career but have read some stuff today and am very impressed and energized at all the possibilities she brings!!!
I have to mention the irony that I see so clearly here. Hillary made history by running for president and now if God forbid something happens to McCain (if they win in Nov.) how mad will Mrs. Clinton be?????????????
The cliche God works in mysterious ways comes to mind. ;)