The Shack - A Review?

Well, I'm not finished with The Shack yet, and I might not finish it. I'm not really getting why this book is all the rage right now. Someone help me.

In the forward, the author warns us that if we don't like the book not to worry because it wasn't written for us. I'm assuming that means he doesn't want to hear or read a bad review. This isn't a bad review, it's just a statement, a warning.

I'm not sure that this is the book to introduce scores of non-Believers to the God of Agape Love. It seems like too much, too soon.

If you want a lifetime worth of theology stuffed in one book with a 5th grade reading level, then I guess this is the book for you.

I know this book has resonated with thousands of people who need to understand God's love in a tangible way. For that, the book has accomplished a great purpose. But, what do those readers do next? If there is no meeting at The Shack for them how do they move forward beyond their doubt?

If you've read it, please let me know what you think.

UPDATE: As I'm finishing this book, I do want to point out 2 areas where the author does an excellent job: his discussion of Jesus' view of church, and the forgiveness journey Papa takes Mack on. These are great models for us.

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robbieniccum said...

I had just got a copy and lent it to a friend so I am waiting to get it back...I will definitely let you know what I think....
my other blogger friend VICKI absolutely LOVED it.
I tried e-mailing you several times yesterday and they kept coming back, weird!!!!
well, I am going to go take a walk in this beautiful 62 degree weather!
in case you have not read my blog , we are getting that Suburban ; )