Throwing Out Birth Control (and my self-centeredness along with it)

Barbara Curtis has written a wonderful article at CrossWalk that sums up why so many Christian families have chucked popular norm and are letting God plan their family size. She says,

"As our family continued to grow, I continued to hear the same belittling banter about kids I’d heard for years – only now it was on my church steps:

“I don’t know how you do it! My two are enough to drive me crazy!”
“I’ve finally got all the kids in school. I can’t imagine having to deal with another baby!”
“I wanted more but my husband put his foot down.”
“How can you afford it?”

My heart would ache for any children in earshot. My heart would ache for the missed opportunities. And finally, my heart would ache for the misunderstanding of how it all must sound to God – who certainly never got the memo that children were a burden."

I wrote about our journey to wanting more babies here.


Virginia (Jenny) said...

Wow! We are a lot alike. Although I don't have kids every single year, I threw out my birth control 5 years ago. Especially since I found out how it really works and it is just another form of abortion. I had no idea.

Monica said...

It has definitely been an adventure for our family letting go of the reins and allowing ourselves the blessing of children. God has been gracious and we have seven kid 10 and under and it is great!! Sadly, my uterus has been stretched to the max and been an incomplete rupture x 2 so there are no more little ones to be. That was an entirely different journey accepting God's closing of the womb.

I read a great book called Open Embrace which really helped us think through birth control issues. It's very nonpreachy so I've been able to pass it along as people have come and asked us questions about family planning.

Enjoyed reading your site.

Kristin said...

Thanks for your comment. I will check out that book.