Potty Training Perks

We are potty training. Enough said. The process did elicit an interesting conversation with the potty-er in training. It went like this...

Mom: "Gideon, do you need to go potty?"
Gideon: "No. Mom, God helps me go potty."
Mom: "O--K-- yes, God helps us do the things we need to do."
Gideon: "Yep, and Jesus gives me candy."
Mom: (long pause) "Can I have some?"

Don't ask me.


Missy said...

Along the same thought pattern...

Once Samuel Wooley told Andy a story about when Jesus rode a train. Maybe he gives out candy in the dining car?

Scribbit said...

Who knew He was the source of all things chocolate?

Anonymous said...

He he that's so cute.

Nichole FBCH