Terrible Two?

You know that old saying....welcome to the terrible twos? I don't buy it. I'm getting ready to dive into my 4th round of parenting a two-year old. Two is not terrible. I've talked to many parents about this, and most all agree. Two is fun...three is difficult. I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news for those of you who are parents of two year olds and you thought you made it out easy. Maybe the third year will be a breeze for you, but most parents I talk to agree that age 3 is difficult (especially with boys.)

Every child is different, and we cannot label a child's disposition just based on their age; but I have found that when one of our children turn 3 we have to step up our game a little. We have to be on our toes, prepared for mood swings, ready to be challenged, and stocked with a full tool box. It isn't impossible. Obedience can be achieved. But a three year old is more in tune with their own will and their ability to push Mom's and Dad's buttons. I want to encourage parents of three-year olds who wonder WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FUN BABY? No, you have not failed miserably as a parent. No, your child probably doesn't have ADHD. No, your child will not spend most of their time in the principal's office. But, your child will have a better sense of right and wrong, and a respect for boundaries if you stand firm during the third year. Didn't someone once say this is the hardest job in the world? Here is where the toughness begins.

Now, as for the two-year old....this fall we'll have another two-year old in our house. Let the games begin! I have found that during this year it's a wonderful time to teach your child to come when he's called, to stop when Mommy says stop, to use his manners, and to learn to use the bathroom. That's a lot to accomplish in one year and it's a lot of fun. So, look out TERRIBLE TWOS - we are ready to make it TERRIFIC!


Linda F. said...

Two's were fun for us also. Three's were more challenging. But WATCH OUT FOR 11-18! Talk about a roller-coaster! You're the greatest, then you're embarrassing to them. They are loving and cuddly, then they can be hard and silent or even hateful. You have to embrace the great moments to keep you through the tougher times. All this reminds me that when things look bleak, they are ultimately in the hands of their Heavenly Father who will never leave or forsake them. It's amazing that He loves them even more than I do, and it's comforting that He has a future and a hope for them. (By the way, 19 and 20 seem to enable them to communicate again and starts a new level of intimacy and friendship which makes the previous years well worth the wait). As every mother of older children has told me, I get to say now, "Enjoy them while they're young; they grow up SO fast."

Percussion Girl said...

Way to go, Sister!

I am so glad to hear a parent accept the challenge of parenting, rather than running to the conclusion that when a child shows their determined will, that they might have some sort of behavior disorder.

I am so glad that my wonderful niece and nephews, Miriam, Micah, Samuel and Seth, have a great Mom!

Just in Jesus said...

oh my boys did the wild and whooly threes but my girl is definitely doing the terrible twos.
she's been the first, though.