My "Grand"Father

One week ago today, my grandfather passed away. It was time. His life ended the way he would have wanted it. We take confidence that He is with the Lord now, and his body is whole. But, I still miss him. Thanksgiving will never be the same, Christmas will be hard, and the joy of watching basketball together is lost. I have lost my father and now my grandfather. My life is full of testosterone though with the love of my husband and three sons. Here is what I wrote when I learned of Grandad's death...

Thanks for your prayers. As you know, Grandad was like a father to me. He was a young man when I was born, about 40. He supported me when my own father was too sick to do so. He drove me to and from school and cheerleading practice when my own father was in the hospital. He walked me down the aisle when my own father was in a wheelchair. He attended the dedications of my children after my own father had passed away. He was the epitome of a "grand"father to me. I will miss him dearly.

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Linda M. said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandfather. My grandmother raised me, but it wasn't so good.

Both my son's are teachers, so I honor you for the courage to be a home teacher.

I've written a book I know you would enjoy so much. I'd send it to you for free if you would accept it. Or, it's available through major bookstores.
You can preview it at http://www.lindasbookshelf.com or read my blog (like yours) at dustyangels.blogspot.com.

I'll put your site in my favorites. Hope to hear from you.