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The stem cell initiative is losing supporters. Sadly, my fellow citizens succumbed to the pressure and voted to support state-funded research. So now my tax dollars are being used to study and promote embryonic stem cells. However, the tides are changing. This article describes how the Dolly cloner has changed her tune. Why? Now there is technology available to produce stem cells without using an embryo. And the discoveries just keep rolling in! Go here to learn about banking menstrual blood for stem cell research. I agree that there is the potential for wonderful medical breakthroughs using the unique physiology of a stem cell. But, I do not believe we should be manipulated by celebrity advertisements and political endorsements which misinform us that embryonic stem cell research is the only way to win the fight against deadly diseases. Sounds like another Tower of Babel to me. If we start acting too much like God He'll knock us down a few notches and we'll be more confused than when we started.

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Mrs. C said...

I'm hearing that the technology is far from perfect and they'll use embryonic stem cells to perfect the process, etc. So no great gain.

I think we're all of us arguing the wrong thing. It shouldn't be about whether we get great cures from this. It should be about, it's wrong to kill one person so another can live.

I'm still perplexed why there is no outcry against the rubella vaccine which used aborted fetal cells from abortions in the 1960's in its development. Even the Catholic church gives out some sort of exemption to people who want to give the shot to their kids, so you know THEY know it's wrong too.

Just saying.

Hey, I live in Missouri, too, and I'll bet you if they didn't play to the emotions of the handicapped (someday you'll walk again/ false hope/ whatever) it would never have passed. I know my next door neighbour voted for it b/c NOTHING is more important than seeing her daughter walk again. Nothing and no one. I think when you're in a situation like that sometimes you don't see the ethics clearly - you just want the best thing for your children.

It's sad how politicians can manipulate parents like that at will.