What's In A Name?

My husband and I watched the movie, Elizabethtown last night. It wasn't that great. One part of the story which I thought was interesting though was the lead character's description of what a person's name means to her. For example, she said, "I've never had a good experience with an Ellen."

Today, I read this article from the Christian Science Monitor. According to the article, you can go here and pay someone to tell you what they think your child's name should be. It amazes me that people put so much stock in what other people think about their baby's name.

As I wrote earlier, we decided to use Biblical names for our children. It didn't start out that way, but after 2 or 3 have Bible names you can't really digress. I mean, would it make any sense to have a Matthew, Mark, Luke and Jasmine?

I love names. Even when I am not expecting a baby, and long before I was married, I would think about names and write all the different variations when I should have been paying attention during church.

How did you come up with your child's name? As I said, ours is a mix of Bible names and family names and names we just, plain like. And I didn't pay anyone to tell me that.


Virginia (Jenny) said...

I guess I picked names because I've noticed certain spirits come with names. Not trying to be weird. let me explain. All my life, every Ryan I knew, was really nice and had a calm personality. Generally just all around nice and not loud type. After having my first son "Charles" which mean strong and manly (named after father), I thought a Ryan would be perfect. That calm and gentleness I longed for. He is just that! Every Kyle I knew was a leader and handsome. Come to find out Kyle in fact means handsome. Ivy and Ashley are plants! LOL! So, there is just a mixture here. Otherwise I didn't think much of it. In the bible, God did change people names and their personality to at times match . Just an interesting thought I guess.

Julie Anne said...

I always intended to use very unique and kind of funky names for my kids. China was a favorite girl name...I like Annika, Zoe...for a boy I liked Zane.

But then my Mom died while I was pregnant with the twins and I wanted to name one after her. I love names, but I'm like you, I want them to all sound nice together. So Charlotte set the precedent for old-fashioned/traditional. So we have Charlotte, Emily, Isaiah, Mollie.

Julie Anne said...

p.s. I didn't like Elizabethtown much either. It's trashy how they sleep together.