Legos & Planes

Gideon spilled a big bucket of Legos all over the floor.
I bent down to the floor and started picking up a few of the gazillion pieces and I said, "Gideon, come here and help Mommy clean up."
He replies, "I don't want to." (surprise, surprise)
I continue to pluck pieces out of the carpet, and I said, "Gideon, it's time to clean up."
He starts to throw a few Legos toward the bucket while acting like his wrist stopped working. He says in a dramatic, whiny voice, "I caaaaan't and I TI-erd!"
I said, (a little more loudly this time), "Gideon, clean up the Legos and do NOT complain!"
He said, "I not a plane Mom, I'n a kid!"
Yep - Numero uno training expert right here.

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

LOL! That is just so funny! I just love little kids and cute things they say. I didn't appreciate it as much with my first two until I realized that when they grow up, you can't rewind time and hear their cute little sayings again.