State Seizes Baby To Perform Blood Test

I am familiar with this family through my membership on the MOMYS Digest. The Anaya family has 10 children and I remember reading Mrs. Anaya's emails about having to travel out of state to have a homebirth b/c their homestate of Nebraska had too many regulations that went against the Anaya's beliefs. Mrs. Anaya recently gave birth to a son in Nebraska. (I think the baby must have arrived early or she would have traveled to Iowa.) The Anaya's do not believe in blood testing b/c they believe life is in the blood. Therefore, they refused the newborn screen. Six weeks later, the sheriff's department barged into their home, took the baby and the judge ordered the baby had to be tested and kept in foster care until the test results came back.

This six week old baby had never been away from his mother and never had a bottle. But, what is even more grievous is the audacity of the Nebraska officials who snatched a baby from his mother's arms in order to prick him with a needle.

Here is the entire transcript of the conversation between the Anayas' attorney and Rush Limbaugh.

Someone needs to get the word out to the unsuspecting citizens of this country that we are now living in a socialist state. When is election day in Nebraska?


Virginia (Jenny) said...

Oh my gosh, I am absolutely disgusted by that report. Do you know I've never done it either? I can't believe they got away with that. That poor mom and baby. :(

The Homeschool and Etc. Blog said...

Hi! Found you through Virginia's blog! I think it's time we all become much more protective of what few freedoms we have left!!

Mrs. C

Melany aka Supermom said...

Also followed the link from Virginia's blog. this is SHOCKING. I cannot believe that they have the 'right' to go to such extremes for a blood test!