Protection or Control?

UPDATE: Vaccine linked to 3 deaths

Have you heard about this? The Governor of Texas recently issued a mandate that all pre-teen public school girls be given the new vaccine to prevent HPV (a sexually transmitted disease.) A House of Representatives committee has since challenged this mandade, and I think the Governor has backed down. However, other states are considering the same action. (Here's another article where you can read more and get more details.)

The drug company (Merck) is promoting this vaccine so that we can protect our girls from this wide-spread STD, and they are touting it as the first drug to prevent cancer. Umm, forgive me if I'm wrong but since when do we take advice from drug companies on how to protect our children? Last I checked, parents were in charge of that - not the Governor of Texas.

For argument's sake, let's say I agree that it's a good idea that we put this new, barely tested, poison in our young daughters' bodies....what then? What am I saying? "Well, she MIGHT get an STD (which MIGHT lead to cervical cancer which she MIGHT get when she's older) so let's give her this vaccine to protect her just in case." Ok, what's next? "Well, she might get breast cancer, so let's go ahead and do a double masectomy just in case." or "Well, she might get in a car accident so let's go ahead and revoke her license now before it's too late."

I do not understand how intellectual, scientific, PARENTS can agree to this hogwash. This government is screwed up, and you want to know why our family has decided not to send our children to brainwashing institutions....err...I mean public schools?

Spunky used a term that made me think of her when I read this information...OUTSOURCING PARENTHOOD. This vaccine is just another way for parents to give away the responsibility of sex education, abstinance training, and plain ole moral teaching.

"But, as for me and my house - we will serve the Lord."


Julie Anne said...

"outsourcing parenthood", that says it better than anything I've ever heard.

Spunky said...

Thanks for the link and being a "watchman" for these issue. You are so right!

NicholeAnn said...

What upsets ME about this is it's not actually a vaccine for cancer. You can't vaccinize against cancer!! It's a vaccine for genital warts which is transmitted sexually by unsafe sex! So why does every girl have to get this? Not every girl has sex! Just another great example of how our government "watches" out for us. Making it mandatory for us to once again inject unnecessary toxins into our and our childrens bodies.

Becky Fairbanks said...

Love you sight, Kristin. When is 5th baby due???