Things Have Changed

Over at Scribbit she wrote about her daughter's reaction to a rated PG movie. I don't think being the youngest (or oldest or middlest) is a curse, but there sure is a new set of rules! For example...I let Gideon get away with things that I never (ever in a gazillion years) would have even contemplated letting Peter say or do. But, then again 7 years have passed between parenting them. What's in store for Rachel? Oh, my.

How you know he's not an only child....
*he runs through the kitchen yelling, "I Anakin, I kill Darth Vader!"
*I hear him say, "Shut Up!" in the other room and when I address the issue with him, he immediately says, "I not say it, John did!"
*while our family sits in a gym full of cheering fans, he runs off by himself to use the restroom and comes back without blinking an eye that something could be awry
*He says, "Mom can I play Lego Star Wars after I drink my chloklut milk?" (ummm...no)
*while the other children squiggle and writhe while I'm giving them haircuts, Gideon brings the haircutting kit to me at least once a week asking if it's his turn yet
*I walk in the kitchen to find him climbing up into the freezer to retreive a popscicle (the one I told him he couldn't have 5 minutes ago)
*he dresses himself (I'll just leave it at that.)

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Scribbit said...

Oh I completely agree. My oldest (a girl) is so mild and even tempered she's really raised herself. Then there's the youngest and not only has she been spoiled by doting sibs but has the natural personality of a diva. A dangerous combination. I was so protective of the oldest and by the time I've got to Lily it's much more relaxed. Who can tell which is the cause and which is the effect?