Don't Like It - Switch!

One of the best things I've learned from Barbara's journey from Evangelical to Catholic is that we in the Protestant world have too much of a smorgasboard mentality. Don't like the worship leader? Go to another church! Don't think women should wear pants? Find a church that supports dresses only. Don't like the pastor's preaching style? Find a church where Sunday morning consists of 3 songs and a poem. We use our freedom in Christ as an excuse for this lack of commitment.

This article just popped up on My Yahoo. Seems like Evangelicals aren't the only ones.

From America's Unfaithful Faithful by David Van Biema...

"The report does not speculate on the implications of its data. But Lugo suggests, 'What it says is that this marketplace is highly competitive and that no one can sit on their laurels, because another group out there will make [its tenets] available' for potential converts to try out. While this dynamic 'may be partly responsible for the religious vitality of the American people,' he says, 'it also 'suggests that there is an institutional loosening of ties,' with less individual commitment to a given faith or denomination."

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One of the series that we read with our kids were the Boxcar Children. I just asked Carly what she remembered and these were the first ones that came to her mind. There are SEVERAL in the series, so it could keep you reading for quite a while. We don't really remember much details, so sorry about that.