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I just read that Megan is planning her daughter's birthday party, and it reminded me of how much I love to do this for my own children. We've had a Dress-Up party complete w/ a nail salon and a fashion show. We've had a Barnyard Puppet party complete w/ a puppet theater and face painting. We've had a Wild About Horses party complete w/ horse rides, cowboy hats, and the horseshoe game. All of these were very low-cost parties to plan, and the kids remember them for years to come.

I love the whole process of it. We have children in every season of the year, and they are allowed to have a big party on their odd-numbered birthdays. (Thereby not breaking the bank for Mom and Dad and teaching them a little patience and expectancy in the process.)

John's birthday is next and this year he gets to have a big party. I, of course, have grand plans for planning the party myself and making it all unique and what not. But, as the kids get older (especially boys) I'm learning they don't care much for the do-it-yourself kind of deal. They want action! I'm a little too much of a girl to provide that of my own volition. Hence, the decision to rent out a party room at one of the popular (loud, germ infested, overpriced, testosterone filled) entertainment venues. So much for creativity. BUT, at the end of the day I'll have nothing to clean up and a little pooped-out boy with a freckled-face grin.

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Webdrops said...

Hey Kristin,

Yes I know it become difficult to make party plans for the growing boys... and without a doubt They want action! And thrill in their party… How about throwing a detective theme party for your son this year… and to give it an everlasting effect you can hand out some detective theme favors like detective books, detective caps, toy guns, magnifying glasses, and packs of cards… m sure you kid will love it :)