Non-Denominationals Watch Out....Reformists Are Taking Over!

Here are few links to prove my point. I'm just saying...those of us who've been sitting in wishy-washy, meatless, seeker-sensitive churches are on our way to attending churches with empty pews (uhh..folding chairs). These people have brains and they are using them to glorify God and reach a society who've been searching for Christianity to make sense to their brains.

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Let me know where this bloggy journey takes you.

update: changed title from PRESBYTERIANS to REFORMISTS


Brett said...

Hey Kristin;

What's wrong with presbyterians!? :-) I am not one, but it often seems that I am more in line with them than my own denomination. I think since God gave us a mind, then we should use it. The gospel of Christ is a message, which is a statement of truth from and about Christ we have to trust. Repentence is literally a change of mind. I think the Bible has always displayed a good balance between experience and intellect. We have just recently lost that balance and tilted way more towards subjective feelings than objective truth. The problem is, if truth is just based on feelings, then it is relative. If it is relative, then Christianity is no better or more truthful than Wicca or Hinduism.

Kristin said...

Nothing is wrong with Presbyterians. It's just been my observation recently that the 20s-40s group is migrating in that direction. Those of us who used to fill our spiritual cups with fun-loving choruses and visitor-friendly services are now seeking more. They are headed in the Reformist/Calvinist/Presbyterian direction in droves.

In the 70s Christians experienced the Jesus movement, in the 80s it was the ME-movement, in the 90s it was the Pentecostal movement, now in the 2000s it's either the seeker sensitive movement OR the cerebral movement. Two camps. Only God knows where this will lead.

Anybody have another take on what's going on?

Brett said...

Hey Kristin;

My take is that fluffy Christianity is being demolished by therapy, secularism, other religions that demand more from their followers, and the American lifestyle. There are people who want more, who know there is more to Christianity than self-fulfillment and my own supposed felt needs. I can get self-fulfillment and social interaction through much better places than the church: job, family, affairs (for some people), sports, you name it. But if the true church steps up to the plate and sheds it therepeutic, self-and social-action agenda and focuses on "soul work" then we might just see God explode and the true church function as it should. I think some of the Reformed churches are starting to see this.


Missy said...

Hey Kristin! My thoughts are that my generation (mid-twenties or so) were EXPECTED to study hard, get good grades, and go straight to college out of high school. Because of that, we value our intellect and don't have a high tolerance for those "fluffy" churches. If we wanted to go to church to be entertained, we'd stay home and watch more reality TV. Goodness knows there's enough of that stuff already!

And...if you ever feel inclined to visit a Presbyterian Church (PCA, like David's), you have a standing invitation at Memorial Pres. You can sit with us if you promise that I can hold "Rachel." :)

Jeff Fuller said...

I followed the trackback to your post and found it funny that you labeled us presbyterians. All of the contributors to "The Reformed Evangelist" are Baptists. And I believe most of the Pyromaniacs are Baptists too.

Kristin said...

Ok, I'll change the title.