Are You Kidding Me?

Those of you who are pet lovers are going to have to help me out. I am seriously confused. (here comes the ranting and raving....) Why in the world is our country making such a huge deal over Michael Vick and his illegal association with dog fighting? I don't get it. I understand that it's illegal - and that, in and of itself is worthy of noting. I understand that helpless dogs were harmed, even murdered, at the hand of Michael Vick. Yes, I understand that it's cold and heartless and mean and wrong and every other bad description I can muster. What I don't understand is WHY are we giving it such notice and analyzing the SNOT out of this? I don't get it. Even though I'm asking for your input on this matter, to be honest no matter how many graphic details you give me about Michael Vick's illegal activity, I'm still not going to get it. Why, you say?

Why is dog fighting a more newsworthy offense than let's say.....the slaughter of a baby in her mother's womb? Why is dog fighting a more controversial topic than let's say.....a man who hits his wife? Why is dog fighting a bigger deal than let's say....a drunk driver killing a husband and his new bride?

Michael Vick is newsworthy. But, other NFL players have commited crimes more grievous than Vick's and they largely go unnoticed except for in the ESPN ticker and people act surprised when they find out their favorite player was suspended for one game because of it.

I don't get it, and I'm not gonna.

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Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

I have to so agree with you and I have been wondering the same thing. Where is the outrage over teenagers forced into prostitution by their parents? Or moms-to-be and their baby murdered? Or victims of random violent crime? Or children being hurt by those who are supposed to be teaching and nurturing them? What Vick did is horrible but the attention this is getting as opposed to far worse crimes at the same time is confusing to me.