What A Guy

My husband.....he's a keeper. I was gone all last week with 2 of our kids. While I was out of the house, my husband and our oldest son painted the master bedroom! What a shock! When I left there was this ugly, 20-year old, country blue floral wallpaper and when I returned a week later I walked into a beautiful "Moonlight Drive" (that's the name of the paint color) strikingly, clean bedroom. Woo Hoo! He did a wonderful job. I have hated that wallpaper since we moved in about 16 months ago. Now, I love that room and I didn't have to do any of the work! I'm really proud of my son for keeping the secret. He enjoyed my reaction as much as my husband did. Now, I can go shopping for new linens : )


Cathy said...

That is an awesome gift! You deserve it!!

scribbit said...

Wow, that is some surprise.

Anonymous said...

Moonlight romantic! What's the color? Is it blue?