Mars & Venus

I know God created both men and women - we were all created by Him. However, it is true that most times it seems like we came from 2 different planets. WHY, WHY, WHY do we as women try to change men to be more like us? Most men I know who get frustrated when they can't understand women just brush it off and say, "I can't ever understand women." But, what do we do? Instead of accepting our differences, the females try to "fix" the men and make them more like us? "You need to do this." or "You should have handled it this way." Yadda, yadda, yadda.

THEY ARE DIFFERENT. WE ARE DIFFERENT. We are not going to communicate the same, or hear things the same way, or work together the same way, or even listen the same way. WE ARE DIFFERENT and IT'S OK.

The challenge is to recognize the differences, accept them, learn to live with it - and move on.

That's a very cliche sentence I just wrote, but WOW would this world be a much nicer place if we just did it. If we have a conflict with another person, we are instructed in the Bible to first go to the person and make them aware of our grievance. Well, what do you know? God sure knows what He's talking about! Problems could really be diminished if we'd do what the Bible says, instead of trying to fix it our way. How do we do it? We mull over it, and discuss it with 10 other people (gossip) and we let our feelings fester until they are about to drive us over the edge. Then MAYBE we approach the other person and let them know why they were wrong and how they need to change.

Surprise, surprise - most times it doesn't work out too well. If we'd follow the Lord's instructions and just GO TO THE PERSON most of the misunderstanding would fade away and everyone would sleep better.

Ugh - it's been a bad day, and I needed to rant and rave a little.

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BohemianMama said...

You just keep ranting and raving on, Kristin! I couldn't agree more!