Just Enough To Get By

I've been thinking recently about this attitude: Just Enough To Get By. It seems to be the anthem of my generation. Our parents were work horses whose parents taught them to work hard and save, save, save. Now we are reaping the benefits of those savings, and what do we do? We spend like crazy. The debt among Americans is the highest ever - I'm sure as a result of credit cards. Not only are our spending habits different, but our attitudes are different than those of our parents and grandparents as well.

For example, I heard my husband's co-worker talking the other day about taking dancing lessons for her wedding. She said, "We wanted to know just enough to get by at our reception."

This attitude also exists in education. No Child Left Behind (a.k.a Clinton's School-to-Work program) says by it's very namesake that we are going to do just enough to make sure every student is getting just what they need, and none would be left behind. (What about a reform named "Every Child Exceeding To The Best Of Their Ability.") This topic is mentioned in the "55 Reasons To Homeschool" list I mention in my next post - check out #25.

Anyway...back to my generation seems to be living by the principle that we can do just enough to get by. I'll tell just enough truth not to hurt anyone or get myself in trouble, I'll pay just enough on my credit card balance not to get a late fee, I'll learn a little Spanish so I can make it in the marketplace, I'll take a few lessons so I'll look like I know what I'm doing on the dance floor, I'll go to church once in a while to make sure I'm going to get into heaven, I'll call my mother every Sunday to fulfill my duty to her, I'll get my Bachelor's degree to get my foot in the door, I'll study just enough to maintain my GPA... the list goes on.

Sure, there's the small percentage who are experts in their field. But didn't people used to do their best? Our culture has made it so easy for you to be successful without really even knowing what you are doing. Give a good sound bite, act the part, and be confident and we'll all take your word for it.

I heard a pastor in Florida speak about the LAW OF NECESSITY. He challenged the congregation to admit the fact, that even as Christians, we live by our so-called moral code until the LAW OF NECESSITY requires us to step up to the plate. For example, we might say we are pro-life. We might even support pro-life ministries and political candidates. But, what happens when our daughter becomes pregnant as a teenager? That's when the LAW OF NECESSITY kicks in. What do we really believe? We want our daughter to be successful, and have a bright future so maybe in this case, pro-life is not the best option? Or, let's say we sit in church and agree with the pastor when he challenges us to earn an honest wage and be a good example for the Lord. But, when we are overpaid by 10 hours the LAW OF NECESSITY might cause us to say, "Hey, it's their mistake and my gain. It'll be too much trouble to fix it anyway."

I know I used to be caught in this web, maybe I still am. I'm just thinking about my friends, the people I went to college with, and my husband's co-workers. I'm wondering how strong our morals really are when we seem to do just enough to get by.

Why when we come across someone who is an expert in their field, or very verbal about their opinion do we assume they are fanatic and need balance in their life? When did this middle ground, and "intolerant" wave penetrate our generation?

I don't think JUST ENOUGH is good enough. I'm not perfect, but I'm working on becoming more like the One who is.

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Jill (old friend) said...

I rather enjoyed your comments about just enough to get by. Very true in fact!
The closer I get to the Lord the more He inspires and nudges me to go further than "just enough" and I'm thankful for that.
Being the pro-lifer that I am I loved the part about whether we are truly pro-life when the rubber hits the road so to speak. That's when we really find out and I hope that after years of prayer, giving of $$, and time to this cause I would love my child through and encourage him to do what is best for the life inside as well as them NOT just for right now but for the rest of his life!
Hopefully if we teach our children how important life is at any stage and how it is such a gift from God they will never think of abortion as a viable option.
Thanks Kris!!