Where Have You Been Young Lady?

Well, it's been a while.

I have missed my little blog, but not enough to come visit. Reminds me of how I feel about my prom dress. I love it, I could never throw it away, but I don't really want to spend time with it. Make sense?

Here's a little recap that might explain why I have been so scarce 'round these parts...

strep throat that kept me in bed for a week
basketball games
basketball practices
cheerleading practices
cheerleading games
baseball practices
guitar lessons
piano lessons
art class
switching kids bedrooms around
van breaking down
re-financing house
buying new (old) van
planning our first family vacation in 5 years
wrapping up holiday small business
starting a new business venture
doctor's appointments

it's nothing you all aren't already doing.....but I have been struggling to keep my head above water and blogging hasn't been a priority

So, my latest spiritual goal is to read Desiring God by John Piper with a few friends. I am looking forward to what the Lord will teach me. Wanna join us?

So, that's it....over and out good friends.
Can't say when/if I'll be back...come find me on Facebook!

1 comment:

robbieniccum said...

I would love to join you of only I could :)
I thought I saw something about a red van but have been running to fast to stop and find out all details...I don't stay on facebook long enough to find out all details..I drove my girls crazy with 17 inboxes and notifications out the yinyang :)
I think the red can should be named Fred by the way :p
I love you, but you already know that.