Is Hell Real?

I believe it is. A reporter from ABC is doing a series on hell beginning Friday, July 13. Check out this video about a pastor in Oklahoma who has changed his mind about hell.


Anonymous said...

That's really interesting. I have an alternate idea of Hell myself but I believe that there IS a type of Hell. Thanks for blogging this!
Nichole (HS FBCH)

Julie Anne said...

I personally find the hell issue extremely difficult to understand. I can't say I agree totally with the pastor in the video, but I can certainly understand why he would choose to believe what he does. I would never make it some sort of "salvation issue", that's for sure. I can't bring myself to believe that our God will burn people in a lake of fire eternally, with NO end. Not sure what to believe about the rest honestly.

Anonymous said...

I know that pastor. He is a ORU grad, protege of Oral Roberts, fine pastor, favorite of our chapel services back in the early 90's, had a successful church and now is basically a heretic. He is and was a gifter preacher. Sad.