It's March Madness Baby!

Ok, just have to acknowledge the fact that my Kentucky Wildcats (the team with the most tournament appearances EVER) are making my month. I love March. Bracketology is hanging on my fridge and I look forward to every night seeing a buzzer-beating shot and writing down all the Cinderellas who weren't supposed to make it past round 1. (As long as they don't beat Kentucky.) Cinderella aint that cute. Enjoy the madness people! If you are from say...Kansas or Indiana or yes, even North Carolina - then you know what I'm talking about, don't ya?

Sidenote: Let me just go on the record and say, I know Kentucky isn't going to make it all the way. Sure, I believe in my team, but hey - this year was a tough one. So, don't everyone post a comment and rub it in when they lose. I know it's coming! Just let me have my fun, k?


jilloldfriend said...

Go Cats! I will always love them whether they do great or not. :)
My cousin is a freshman and a cheerleader for my lovely Wildcats this year so I'm all the more pumped about them.
I'm not as thrilled with the coach though.

Kristin said...

Well, they're out. At least they lost to a #1 seed and not a #15. It was a good first half, oh well. I'll still keep up w/ the tournament, it's just not as much fun now. : ( There's always next year!

Jeremy Steffens said...

What happened to Tubby Smith? Why would anyone leave KU basketball for Minnesota? Makes no sense to me, but go Gators!

Kristin said...

I can tell you what happened to Tubby....he stuck around longer than any LEVEL HEADED Kentucky fan thought he would. That's the deal though, there aren't many LEVEL HEADED Ky fans. They are all or nothing. If you aren't going to win an NCAA title every year, then they hate you. That's it. There's no in between w/ Ky fans. I really like Tubby and I hope he does well in the Big 10. Now the big question...who is stupid enough to come to Ky and take the punishment our so-called "loyal" fans will give him? We shall see!